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At mox media we have a dedicated facility operating from 2017 onwards to explore new possibilities with children around us . The core objective of Mox kids Zone is to find the real potential of children and nurture them .

Mox kids zone is equipped with Music instruments ,Library, mini Physics -chemistry -Electrical – Electronic – Aurdino Programming – Professional Telescope and much more .

We now have decide to make online course and children interested can participate in Mox Kids Zone Activities and those active and completing the online modules will get hands on training from workshops that will be conducted in future.

MOX KIDS ZONE – Music Session 1

MUSIC & MATH session 1

Make sure to download the study material PDF document and challenge yourself with Tests that is supported with every Video content .More than watching the video we want every kid to interact with us by taking up test and sharing their Practice Pictures / Video in the comment sessions below and WhatsApp group .

Download link – worksheet

We will make sure we Produce atleast 1 or 2 video every week to personally interact with Kids and create a strong bond to educate them . We also require supports from Volunteer to associate with Mox kids zone Activity to share your knowledge with children around us .

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