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Entrance Examination 2019 -2020

We at Mox Media Limit the No Admissions to Max of 25 Students Per Academic Year. We now enroll Only 15 Students in June Batch and 10 Students in January Batch . Enrollment Process is Supported with Personal Interview and Entrance Examination . We request Every Prospective Student to discuss with our Faculty and take their Guidance before attempting the Online Entrance Examination

Candidates who clear all the below mentioned Logic User Exams are only entitled for Logic Certificate from Mox Media Academy duly signed by Apple Trainer Mr. Pravin Lewis  – Trainer Number APPL260050

Logic Level 1

Logic Level 2

Logic Level 3

Logic Level 4

Logic Level 5

Logic Level 6

Logic Level 7

Logic Level 8

Logic Level 9

Logic Level 10

Class Test

When ever there is a Class Test you will Find Additional links that will appear below : These facilities are to accessed only by students of Mox Media

Competition – Mix – Bass Programming- Harmonization -Evaluated by

Mr. Ijaz Ahamed

  • Students are adviced to Download the Audio files from the below link
  • Create Organized Protool session on your name – make sure yiu work with correct sample rate and Bit Depth
  • Listen to the drum section and Bass section
  • DELETE the given bass track and program your own bass using xpand Vst instrument – Creativity and Genre specific bass progression expected .
  • Listen to the female vocals and create 3 part harmony at appropriate song structure . Use plugins like Waves tune or Nectar to achieve the best possible harmonies
  • Mix the entire session master track peaking not more than -6 dBFS
  • Use Neutron on every track as channel strip setting and experiment on your own – Tack assistance to tweaked as per your sounding
  • After Mix – Use cubase to Master the track – Make sure to check Rms ,LUFS ,Dc offset voltage , Correlation meter .
  • Listen to the track in Mobile , Car Audio , Studio A & B and conclude .
  • Submit Mix and Master Separately
  • SUBMISSION – 6TH DEC 2019 – Submission Link Will Provide on the Date of Submission

Announcement Decibel Class Test – 29-11-2019 –