Mox Facilities

Learn Advanced Music Production In Chennai

Exclusive Music Production studios fully equipped with High end 5.1 Audio Gears are now dedicated completely for our students to explore music making .We teach you how to Compose music , Song Write , Record , Fix and Mix and Master your tracks . Mox media is proud in providing this Advanced Music production course in Chennai  in Partnership with Trinity College London and Online Berklee Music Production

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Music Lab

Each student will be learning to play the Piano and Guitar to Compose their own Tunes and also read and write western scores . All our music production students will be enrolled for Trinity College London Exams without any additional Fees

Trinity College London Exams provide a comprehensive system for modern keyboard and piano learning; our contemporary training helped many of our students to pass beginners to intermediate to Advance level of TCL examination with distinction and Merit.

Music Production students also learn Vocal engineering and Concepts of Indian Classical Music and if willing they could also enroll with Bachelor Degree Program offered by Annamalai University as a Distant education fully Guided and Coordinated by Mox Media Academy .

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Food and Accommodation

We provide Hygienic food , Stay , Medical care with a very motivating environment  to our students who travel far from their home with dream to become a Sound Engineer or an Music composer. It would definitely be another home  for them .

  • Every hostel candidate would be provided with formal Training in Team Building & Personality development 
  • Regularized Study hour and personalized coaching by student Affair Division at Hostel premises 
  • Medical Assistance by Dr. Anbarasi MBBS & Dr. Sudha Lewis MPT neurology at Hostel premises 

All these facilities are available to our students at most affordable Fee.

Food and Accommodation – RS 5000 Monthly