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Integrated Diploma in Sound Engineering & Music Production – Duration :12 month – Course Code M01

This Integrated Diploma in Sound Engineering and Music Composing Promises you all the knowledge that is required to Kick start your Career in Film industry. Mox Media is the only Sound Engineering institute in India to provide a Course supported with 100 % Placements .Knowing the Fact Music Production in India is gaining lot of importance in Film industry , We integrated Sound Engineering and Music Production into one unique package to enhance Job Prospects

Music production in India

Out Line of 12 month Integrated Diploma : Recording , Acoustics , Editing , Stereo Mixing , 5.1 Mixing , Mastering , Digital Signal Processing , Digital and Analog Mixer , Audio Electronics , Soldering , Live Sound setup , Band Recording , Sound Designing , Post Production Protools HD- Logic Pro - Cubase - Reason

Advanced Piano Hand Exercise , Trinity Theory of Music and Practicals , Core Concepts of Indian Classical Music , Vocal Engineering , MIDI , Orchestration , Music Programming , Song Writing , Synthesizer , Sampling , Harmonization , Part Writing and Own Composition

Candidates with Physical disabilities ,Candidates belonging to Army /Agriculture , Meritorious or Suffering Financial background can also apply scholarship discount.

Investments Required : Rs 1,75,000 - Payable in 3 installment

Applying During Covid -19 we are offering Extended Scholorship and Revised installment Schemes Call -9840902519

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Mox Media
Certificate Course In Audio Engineering : Duration 6 Months Code :M02

This is a preparatory course for Audio Engineering . Suitable for those aspiring to become a Recording Engineer or an Live Sound Engineer .This Covers all the basic concepts of Audio Hardware’s Like Digital and Analog Mixer , Microphone , Speaker , Amplifiers , Soldering , Recording -Editing – Mixing only in Protools ,Trouble Shooting , Setting up for band Performance and Audio video Installations .

Investment Required Rs 85,000 – payable by 2 installments Certificates would be From Mox Media Academy Duly Signed by Apple and Avid Certified Trainer .