Actor Vijay Birthday Dedication By Students

Actor Natty Releasing Birthday Song For Actor Illaya Thalapathi Vijay


Moxzians are known for doing things very special to very special People

A unique Birth Day Dedication to their All time Favorite Mass Hero Mr.Illaya Thalapathi Vijay .

Our students reached out to the actor”s best friend Mr. Natraj [ Natty ] and got him to release the Birthday Song .       Mox Media Academy also Partnered With Big FM 92.7 to Promote these die hard fresh talents .

Heartfelt Thanks to RJ Mridula of Big FM  who will be hosting this special show on 22nd June along with our Students.

Mr. Prabhu [Lyrics & Tune ]  and

Master . Shrikanth Lakshman [ Music Producer]

Students Of Mox Media With Actor Natraj – Sthuranga Vettai Fame










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