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Sound Engineering in Chennai

Study Sound Engineering in Chennai with 100 % Placements. Mox Media academy is Ranked No :1 and 5 star Rated institute to earn ISO certification and to Provide Approved Diploma Certification from Central Govt of India . Mox Media is the 1st institute in India to Provide Hostel Facility and state of the ” Two ” highly equipped 5.1 studios dedicated only for its students . These Facilities makes Mox Media stand tall and out of competition among other

Why Learn Sound Engineering form Mox Media?

Mox Media Academy an ISO certified and Govt approved institution providing the best ever Sound Engineering Course in Chennai. Through our unique teaching methodology we have transformed more than 300 + students into successful sound engineers and Music Producers .

Recognized Govt Diploma in Sound Engineering
Recognized Diploma in Sound Engineering from Govt of India

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Invest 20 mins before Enrolling in Institutions

Many fake Sound Engineering institutes are promising a Fancy and Dreamy opportunities to students and deprive them the real truth that have been the core key to success in Media and Film industry . Most Importantly we request Students to talk to the Alumni of the institutes and gather information .We love to support you with free career guidance and help you choose the Right and Valid college to study sound engineering in Chennai.

  1. Did you try speaking with Alumni in-person about the college ?
  2. Do they Provide Govt Authorized Diploma Certificate ?
  3. Every Day Class Hours and Studio Facilities ?
  4.  Are there Certified and Qualified Trainers ?
  5. How long they are into Media Education ?
  6. Placement Provided by the Institute ?
  7. Check if the Course fee are in terms with Govt approved Fee Structure for any Diploma studies ?
Article about Mox Media Academy and Music Career by Puthiya Thalaimurai Magazine 

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India’s First Visually Challenged Sound Engineer & Music Composer – Mox 2018 Batch Student